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BMW Car Sharing Car Rental Price Per Minute In China Is 2 Yuan.

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BMW Car Sharing Car Rental Price Per Minute In China Is 2 Yuan.

timeshare rental brand EVCARD car rental, a subsidy of BMW Group ReachNow instant travel Global Car, officially launched its high-end electric time-sharing rental service in Chengdu, “ReachNow Powered By EVCARD.”

This is BMW’s instant travel project first stop in Asia, marking the official BMW Group shared travel services to the Chinese market.

Based on the cooperation between the two parties, 100 pure electric BMW i3 upgrade will be put into operation one after another in Chengdu, priced at 2 yuan / minute.

BMW Car Sharing Car Rental Price Per Minute In China Is 2 Yuan.

Dr. Bernhard Blättel, Vice President, Mobility and Energy Services, BMW Group

Dr. Bernhard Blättel, vice president of travel and energy services at BMW Group, said: “Sharing / service is an important aspect of the BMW Group’s vision for future travel, and China has become one of the most important travel markets in the world, Travel Services Worldwide operations experience to China, along with local partners, to provide Chinese consumers with easy and sustainable high-end travel solutions.At the same time, electric travel and timeshare rental combination, will also be Promote urban green, low-carbon fashion travel life to make a contribution .ReachNow instant travel together with EVCARD landing in China, the BMW Group travel strategy a new milestone.

ReachNow Instant Travel The time sharing rental developed in partnership with EVCARD Time Sharing Car will provide users with a high-end, smart, on-demand travel experience.

Through EVCARD APP and BMW’s exclusive in-vehicle sharing technology, users can complete the keyless experience and complete a series of operations such as making an appointment for a car, taking a car at a network, returning a car, paying a fee, and the like.

In terms of outlets, by 2015, 25 outlets with dedicated services will be put into operation in Chengdu. The outlets will mainly be located near high-end residential buildings, commercial CBDs, large enterprises, government offices and five-star hotels. The user will pick up the vehicle between these fixed sites.

BMW’s i3, the world’s most successful high-end, compact electric car, will be fully piloted while ensuring a green travel experience, as a vehicle for instant BMW travel with EVCARD in Chengdu.

BMW Car Sharing Car Rental Price Per Minute In China Is 2 Yuan.

In 2011, BMW partnered with SIXT, a car rental company in Germany, to launch DriveNow, a time-sharing leasing approach that provides users with convenient and environmentally friendly modes of travel. Currently, the service covers 13 cities in Europe with 6,500 vehicles and nearly 1 million users .

Last year, BMW launched ReachNow in the United States to provide users with a richer range of travel services, favored by young people. However, most Chinese netizens said the service is too expensive per minute.