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Check Out Some Of The Less Common Guns. Have You Seen A Few?

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Check out some of the less common guns. Have you seen a few?
Spanish Mauser rifle
👆Spanish Mauser rifle
Spitfire pistol
👆Spitfire pistol
Brazilian metric FAL
👆Brazilian metric FAL
Wz.1928 light machine gun Poland
👆Wz.1928 light machine gun Poland
TASCO 7ET9 7ET10 submachine gun Ukraine
👆TASCO 7ET9 7ET10 submachine gun Ukraine
Shipka submachine gun Bulgaria
👆Shipka submachine gun Bulgaria
Pfeifer Zeliska revolver Austria
👆Pfeifer Zeliska revolver Austria
NTW-20 anti-equipment rifle South Africa
👆NTW-20 anti-equipment rifle South Africa