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Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China’s Internet

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Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Lei Jian-ping, the founder of Touti Touch Media Co., Ltd. and Ambassador Lei Guangping of Optics Valley of Wuhan, delivered a speech today in Shenzhen.

Lei Jianping said that in the past three years, witnessing the rapid growth of Optics Valley’s Internet, Wuhan is becoming the fourth most important part of China’s Internet.

Wuhan Internet opportunities: policy advantages

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Over the past few years, Wuhan has proposed a plan for an urban partner. In the first half of 2017, Wuhan successively proposed “one million college students stay in China business plan” and “one million alumni and staff members return to work”.

The former Wuhan City, through settlements settled, promote employment, support entrepreneurship and other policies to support college students to stay in China;

The latter is financed by the municipal government to set up a policy-oriented guiding fund, focusing mainly on strategic emerging industries such as information technology, smart manufacturing, and life and health, with a focus on Wuhan alumni and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain of alumni enterprises.

Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone in the last 3 years also increased emphasis on the Internet industry efforts continue to give policy support.

On November 18, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone also released the “East Lake High-tech Zone Artificial Intelligence Industry Plan”, promulgated the first regional “Promote the development of artificial intelligence industry policy.”

According to the plan, Optics Valley artificial intelligence industry to make major breakthroughs in the core areas, the formation of the country’s leading talent training base, industrial competitiveness into the country’s first phalanx.

By 2020, Optics Valley artificial intelligence core industry reached 10 billion yuan, driven by the scale of related industries over 500 billion yuan.

Optics Valley will set an annual special fund of not less than 200 million yuan for the development of artificial intelligence industry, focusing on supporting the gathering of high-end talents in Optics Valley-related enterprises, introducing and cultivating leading enterprises and improving computing power, and actively promoting open sharing and innovative application of data resources Depth cooperation in research, to effectively play the guiding role of government funds to guide, support and promote industrial development.

East Lake High-tech Zone issued a “policy on promoting the development of artificial intelligence industry,” and come up with “real money”, high-tech talent settled in the enterprise building artificial intelligence computing platform, holding data innovation and application contest awards or subsidies , Leading enterprises and “Unicorn” settled up to 100 million yuan.

In addition, Optics Valley also supports enterprises to carry out “Internet +” artificial intelligence application demonstration. For investment in more than 1 million yuan + artificial intelligence application demonstration project.

Last year, Optics Valley selected 24 internet + artificial intelligence projects for demonstration projects in areas such as smart manufacturing, smart business district, smart transportation and smart healthcare, providing a total of 15 million yuan of financial support.

Pan Min, executive director of Wuhan University’s School of Economics and Management, believes that the second headquarters is often a strategic choice for enterprises to expand to a certain size or expand their new businesses relative to headquarters.

Wuhan is a good place to seize this wave of relying on the Internet’s innovative economy and share the economic noses.

Wuhan Internet opportunities: regional advantages

The attractiveness of technology companies for talent is similar, but Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have their own misfortunes: the air quality and the household registration system in Beijing, the atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation in Shanghai, and the price of Shenzhen since 2015 are very high Big problem

In 2016, Nanling, then executive director of the Academic Committee of Shenzhen Institute of Innovation and Development, said Shenzhen is facing manufacturing relocation. For instance, Huawei moved its mobile headquarters and Huawei University to Dongguan. ZTE put the production capacity in Heyuan.

Many important reasons why Huawei moved out of Shenzhen are that it can not guarantee that its employees can afford to buy a home in first-tier cities like North Shanghai.

Relatively north to deep, the average downtown Wuhan city center less than 20,000, the city is in the middle, to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen are very convenient, Wuhan has 1.3 million college students in the highest period, is a very ideal place to work life.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Speaking specifically to me, I am a native of Wuhan and have worked in Beijing for ten years. I seldom returned to Wuhan before 2015, and I often took the express train for a long time and took about 12 hours to sleep for one night.

However, after 2015, I obviously increased the frequency of return to Wuhan. At first, the flight time was basically 1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours a little more, but now I take the HSR and HSR as fast as 4 hours and 15 minutes. Basically, I went out in the morning, Arrived at noon.

I can even back and forth the same day, which in the past are unimaginable, so that Wuhan enjoyed the convenience of high-speed rail.

Wuhan streets are very distinctive, for example, Chu Han Street, Huxiang Lane, East Lake Greenway, walking in the street, pedestrians are very young, Guangshen make money in the north, to Wuhan to live in itself is also very pleasant thing, You will feel everything is cheap.

In fact, compared to the price of Shenzhen, Wuhan’s house is really expensive, Wuhan, this place is suitable for everyone to say a walk away. I think everyone can feel the changes in Wuhan these two years.

Wuhan’s Internet environment

Betta Broadcasting announced recently that D round of financing was completed in the first half of 2017. The financing was led by CMB International and Nanshan Capital passed the Wo Mother Fund with the vote. The total amount of money rumored to be 1 billion yuan.

The three companies that invest in betta are: Hubei Changjiang CMB Growth Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shenzhen CMB Win-Win Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Suzhou Industrial Park Yuanhe Nanshan Equity Investment Partnership (Limited partnership), the shareholding ratio was: 4.69%, 0.53%, 0.04%.

Among them, Hubei Changjiang CMB Growth Equity Investment Partnership and Shenzhen CMB Win-Win Equity Investment Partnership are both CMBI’s investment entities.

The fighting fish live in early 2016 because a very big storm almost closed down, but it is Wuhan to force hold.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

At that time, Secretary Li Shih-ting of the Innovation Bureau of Optics Valley Development Zone of Wuhan said to the colleagues of the Internet + Office that they could not be killed by a stick of new things, and the rectification should still be rectified, but still should be tolerant.

Wuhan Optical Valley, when Hu Secretary secretary, fighting fish is a good kind, although now some turmoil, but will eventually get better.

It can be said that it is the strength of Wuhan, only fighting fish today, only Wuhan Internet today situation. Douye is also grateful for the improvement of Internet environment in Wuhan and policy support. It also spent more than 20 million to relocate its headquarters from Guangzhou to Wuhan Optics Valley.

Recently, graphite documents received the financing of today’s headlines, the total amount of billions of dollars, there is a little middle story, that is, the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, graphite documents suddenly suffered a very serious crisis facing the closure of seven days Punishment.

Investors in graphite documents found me, and I promptly sent the information back to Li Ju and Li Ni, the head of the Internet + Office. We quickly wrote materials and stayed busy late into the night.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, students from Wuhan Optics Valley Internet + gave up their vacations and were busy coordinating with Wuhan Internet Post Office to try their best to minimize the penalties for graphite documents.

Efforts finally paid off, the first day of work after Mid-Autumn Festival, the graphite document was restored, not only financing, but also to do cloud OFFICE.

Not just betta, the convenience store business in Wuhan recently, animation companies also have several hundred million investment at two o’clock. It can be said that the capital market for the degree of enterprise in Wuhan has been greatly enhanced.

A number of Internet companies in Wuhan Optics Valley to build the second headquarters

Currently, Wuhan Internet is actively soliciting foreign enterprises and 2017 Chu Home is held in Beijing. Woburn, Mosuo, Muoxun Technology, Whoso learn, Jiangmin Technology, Suntech, Ape counseling, Oriental Fantasy and other 8 Internet companies announced the establishment of headquarters or “second headquarters” in Wuhan Optics Valley.

According to statistics, at least eight headquarters-level enterprises will create more than 10,000 jobs.

Has been included in the statistics of more than 20 companies, respectively, IFTX, millet technology, Xiaohong Shu, Mu sound technology, ofo shared bike, with whom to learn, Jiangmin technology, Suntech, apes counseling, Oriental Dream, drops (Uber), Qihoo 360, Motorcycle Cycling, Digital China, Huafa Group, China Medical Device Company, Youth Ivy Safety, Flight Butler, Shanghai Education.

There is a little story in the middle. In December 2015, I and Wuhan Optics Valley were preparing for Chu’s activities at that time. 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi saw this event, initially promised to attend the event, but later because of the regiment building and other reasons Did not come to participate.

However, Zhou Hongyi still sent a 360 vice president Chen Xi came to participate in activities, when Chen Xi Tong is traveling in Xiamen, is the night rush to participate in activities.

After that, Wuhan Optics Valley had several contacts with 360, but it was not particularly successful. By chance, in the second half of 2016, LI Bureau of Wuhan Optics Valley Innovation Bureau and Li Xun, head of the Internet + Office, went to Beijing for an inspection. I went to see several companies together.

By half past five in the afternoon, the time was still relatively wealthy. Li suggested that we should look at a company again. When I looked at it, just around 798 in Beijing, I told Li that we should go and have a look 360 .

Coincidentally, the friend of 360 Wenxin just also, she is Wuhan, we hurried past, access to an important message, that is, Zhou Hongyi to Wuhan next week, Li proposed Wen Xin, so that Zhou Hongyi and Wuhan Optics Valley See the leaders at a glance.

This is the meeting, eventually led to 360 and Wuhan Optical Valley’s direct cooperation.

Just recently, 360 chief security officer Tan Xiaosheng visited Optical Valley, revealing 360 has won 10,000 square meters of office building in Optics Valley, and the design and bidding have been completed.

Tan Xiaosheng said that 360 will be registered company in Wuhan, staff recruitment immediately start next year’s Spring Festival settled in office. Wuhan will be an important R & D center set up by 360 outside Beijing. One important direction is basic research and software development for network security.

Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters has just officially settled Optics Valley

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

After months of intensive preparations, the headquarters of Xiaomi Wuhan formally settled in Wuhan Optics Valley Financial Harbor on November 18, becoming the largest project Wuhan Optics Valley introduced in the field of Internet since this year.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Earlier, the Wuhan Optical Valley and Lei Jun Department signed a total amount of 20 billion yuan. Lei Jun and Wuhan contract involves a number of projects, including the millet Yangtze River Fund, Shun for the capital, Xishanju game, Jinshan Yun and WPS, Jinshan small loan.

Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters can successfully settled in Wuhan Optical Valley, and reached so much cooperation, in fact, is not easy. As early as 2015, I and Optus Valley in Wuhan have actively approached the millet, Shun, and worked hard to do a lot of behind the scenes.

In mid-2015, when Wuhan Optics Valley hoped to reach a cooperation with front-line industry big brothers, the initial idea was to set up a fund together. At that time, I was still chief reporter of Tencent Technology Co., Ltd., and I went to Lei Jun, Kai-Fu Lee, Xiaoping Xu, .

When I first started talking, many people think that you are a liar, or are simply unbelievable to you. Xu Xiaoping and Chen Xiaohong said directly that they are not interested. The Lei Jun really can not stand my harassment and introduced Shun to the capital CEO Xu Da to introduce I.

Lei Jun why I hate my harassment, it is because I through the WeChat, SMS, chat, meet and other channels to find him, I am an industry veteran of the line of media people themselves are familiar with the Lei Jun, Lei Jun can not say right My appeal is ignored.

Later, Lei Jun had to let me find Shun, Xu Da-lai, through WeChat, SMS, and M-Chat, respectively. Xu Da-lai did not believe it from the beginning. However, I left to say that I had an hour of exchange with him, He visited Optics Valley in August of that year.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Xu Dailai is a Singaporean. This is the first visit to Wuhan Optics Valley since he came to China for 16 years, and it is also of great significance to him.

At the end of 2015, Wang Bingbing, chairman of the Yangtze River Fund, found me. I introduced Xu Da-lai and Wang Hibing to meet in Beijing.

This is the first time Shun Shing Capital and the Yangtze River Fund met, follow-up Shun Shing Capital and the Yangtze River Fund also has deep cooperation.

In May 2017, on the eve of the signing of Wuhan Optics Valley between MI and MI, I visited Millet with Optic Valley and LI Bureau. Chi, the senior vice president of Millet, welcomed us and told us what the plan of MI is in Wuhan. Quick feedback to Optics Valley Management Committee.

It can be said that the headquarters of millet Wuhan settled, there are countless people day and night to pay, many people are so quietly behind the pay, we do not seek rewards, only to Wuhan Optical Valley, Wuhan good.

Gangster evaluation of Wuhan

Lei Jun said that Wuhan’s geographical advantages, educational advantages and talent advantages are obvious. In this era of new private economy, Wuhan is the lack of a batch of leading enterprises. As long as the development of leading enterprises, Wuhan will soon usher in rapid development opportunities.

Lei Jun said that in the next few years, Milosei will invest 23 billion yuan in Wuhan to comprehensively build the Wuhan headquarters in Xiaomi and help develop its hometown even better.

This year, Lei Jun no less than 7 times to Wuhan, several of which are led by millet, Jinshan, Shun came together as a team.

Xu Maodong, chairman of Xinghe Internet, also said that earlier this year, Xinghe team came to Wuhan a dozen times before and after a dozen teams came to Wuhan and also had many customers in Wuhan.

“Wuhan cadres at all levels, even full staff, full of desire for investment, very sincere, let us very touched.

Behind this assessment, bigwigs are behind the hard work of leaders at all levels of Wuhan, and some even gave their lives. Just in August this year, Wuhan Municipal Organization Committee Yang Hanjun sudden death of a heart attack, Yang Hanjun is exhausted in their own jobs.

According to “Hubei Daily” reported on April 9 this year, at that time, Chen Dongsheng temporarily change the itinerary, take the early morning flight to Han. Although Dong Dongsheng arrived at 3 am, he was still very happy and excited.

Chen Dongsheng said: “If you go south for several decades and see for the first time you meet us at the airport, it is the minister of Municipal Party Committee and the director of Municipal Social Security Bureau. Force to promote Wuhan take off again. ”

In particular, Lei Jun mentioned that the latest flight to 1 am and 1 pm was received by Yang Hanjun at the airport. “Han Jun minister died, he is Xiantao, is also our Wu alumnus. We are very heavy mood.”

Lei Jun said, looking back, it is Minister Yang Hanjun, there are a number of cadres in Wuhan deeply touched me.

My story with Optics Valley in Wuhan

Media and self-media are all windows that connect the world. In fact, many things can be done through media properties. In the past two years, I have done a lot with Wuhan Optics Valley.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Organizing activities, I held in November 2015, December 2016 respectively in Beijing and Shanghai, Chu was back home, this was held in Shenzhen, Chu was back home activities.

I have invited Fun CEO CEO Luo Min, Morningside Capital Partners Liu Qin, e bag wash chairman Zhang Rongyao, the former PPTV CEO Tao Chuang, CEO Almighty King CEO Zhen Lixin, Chinese capital CEO Qian Xuefeng and many other guests attended activity. Fun store recently cusp, or interaction with Wuhan very positive.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

In September 2017, I and Optics Valley in Wuhan also jointly organized a campaign with Sequoia Capital at Sheraton Wuhan Hotel to connect Sequoia Capital to local entrepreneurs in Wuhan.

At that time the Internet spread a statement: the first camp is a table – TABLE, T is Tencent, A is Ali, B is Baidu, L is Lei Jun Department, E is Zhou Hongyi Department, the founders are Ma, Ma, Li Yanhong, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi.

Among them, Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun were Hubei Huanggang people and Xiantao people – China’s five Internet Gangster, Hubei occupy 2 seats.

In addition to these first-line Hubei big brother, everyone CEO Chen Zhou, founder of the perfect world Chi Yufeng, CEO Yu Huafeng originally life also came from Hubei. Zhang Xiaolong, head of WeChat, is also a graduate of Huake.

Hubei Department of Internet circle so successful, so that there is a saying is that Hubei rule China’s Internet half.

Hubei people in the Internet rivers and lakes to create brilliant At the same time, Hubei is almost disappeared in China’s Internet territory. In the era when the premier talked about the internet +, it is hard for Jingchu to have an Internet company that can take the shot.

Later, after the article came out, Hubei was very shaken. At that time, Nuan Chengfa, secretary of the Wuhan municipal party committee, said that Wuhan must not lose or lose the future. When Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong visited Ma Huateng at the time, he said Hubei could not lose its mobile Internet ticket.

Later, Xia Zhuren and Li Ju of Optics Valley in Wuhan introduced me at the scene of the Internet Conference in 2015 and told me that after the article came out, we got a lot of criticisms. You can not just criticize Wuhan, but also help.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Of course, I was touched by the enthusiasm of director Xia and his entourage. At that time, we arranged the summer director Xia to visit the Innovation Workshop and met with the Innovation Workshop CEO Kai-Fu Lee to talk in depth with each other. Later, I carried out a series of cooperation with Wuhan Optical Valley.

2017 Wuhan Optics Valley Merchants ambassador

Because invited Kai-Fu Lee, Xu Da Lai, Zhu Xiaohu, Liu Qin and other first-line big coffee to Wuhan, and Wuhan Optics Valley to do together with Chu before returning home, in 2017 I have become Wuhan Optics Valley Internet + partners and Optics Valley Wuhan Investment Ambassador .

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

I have helped Wuhan Optics Valley contributed 360, Suntech institutions, apes counseling, Xiaohong books and other companies settled Optics Valley.

Today’s headlines settled in Wuhan things are also in full swing, this matter I directly talk to headline CEO Zhang Yiming talked about once.

Among them, Suntech has recruited more than 1,000 people in Wuhan, and bought two buildings. Suntech institutions are prepared to continue to increase investment in Wuhan Optics Valley, plans to recruit 3,000 to 5,000 people next year. In the future, Suntech may be the first optical education company in Wuhan Optics Valley.

These enterprises have chemical reactions one after another, recently, co-founder of ape coach Shuai also online education site – founder of more knowledge, is also the founder of the examination Ke Li Yu introduced to Optics Valley in Wuhan, the business may be very Have to settle in Optics Valley soon.

Wuhan will be the next wave of wealth stratification

With the smooth investment in Wuhan these two years, Wuhan prices are slowly rising, Suntech founder Oupeng: I faintly think that for most people, not in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, these new first-tier cities to buy a house is the next wave of wealth Layered the key.

Lei Jianping: Wuhan Is Becoming The Fourth Pole Of China's Internet

For many friends in the field, an early investment in Wuhan, layout Wuhan, will be a very good choice.