Like Father Like Daughter: Life Of A Beauty Truck Driver…

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Like Father Like Daughter: Life Of A Beauty Truck Driver

Like Father Like Daughter: Life Of A Beauty Truck Driver

On the flat Beijing-Guangzhou expressway, Yun Ge holds the steering wheel and focuses on the front.With a whistle, a large 18-meter-long truck crosses the Yellow River Bridge and heads south all theway. She hears the honks of fellow vehicles from time to time. Yun Ge, born in the 90’s in NorthernChina, is doing a cool career yet uncommon to girls: fultime truck driver. She and her father make up

a duo, driving transporter trucks all year round. Even in the cab, she can feel the attention from others:drivers taking over on highways, pedestrians along the road, you name it.

Back at Yun Ge’s hometown, villagers mostly used to grow corn and pear trees. A decade ago, some peoplebegan to make money by investing in and driving goods trucks. Now there are nearly 200 transporter trucksin the village and they can be found around the country all year round. Yun Ge’s family is one of them.

Every time she saw his father driving back, Yun Ge chilled and was so thrilled. “I was different fromother girls when I little. I like car models. I was my dream to drive my own truck like my father when I grow up.”

In order to share the burden of supporting the family for his father, Yun Ge chose to take the pathof his father when growing up: to become a big truck driver. Yun Ge is preparing for a trip to Guangdong tomorrow.

Truck drivers are required to travel all year round, often staying away from home for months in a row.Yun Ge spent her last Chinese New Year day on highway. Freight rate would be much higher in holidayseasons. The calender paper still in in January 2017 when she cam back.

Compared to most drivers who drive for money, Yun Ge actually enjoys her job. She love everything aboutautomobiles: models, trucking, off-road racing, you name it. She actually won three racing games sofar: 2 championships and 1 runner-up.

Yun Ge has traveled all over China’s teritories, with an average monthly trip of 20,000 kilometers.In 2016, she drove to Laos with her father, her furthest single trip ever. While the Yun-Gui-Chuan TristateHighway is prohibiding to many drivers because of its terrain and wheather conditions, Yun Ge never

get nervous. She’s born for the job. 🙂

Before dawn, Yun Ge and her father ready for a new journey. her father recorded a short video for herbefore the departure. Oh, did I mention that Yun Ge is an Internet celebrity because of her video andlive broadcasting channels? She has more than 460,000 fans.

The longest single trip of Yun Ge was 3,000+ kilometers and it took more than 50 hours.

As long as the car is started, except for a short break in highway service areas, it basically doesnot stop to ensure that the goods reach their destination on time. Yun Ge and her father take the shifts,each driving for about 4 hours and rotates.

According to Chinese medicine wisdom, long term night working can do serious harm to liver. So liverprotection drugs are must-haves for truck drivers in China.

Driving all year round, you get vulnerable to backpain. Yung Ge is of no exception.

Veteran truck drivers can always do some fix. Their truck is parked in the service area. Yunge and hisfather checked the wheel of the car one by one to ensure the safety of the road.

In the 4m^2 cab, there are both upper and lower berths for rest, as well as simple kitchen utensilsfor easy meals. Everything is to save time and deliver the goods as soon as possible. On her birthday,mom called, and her father celebrates with her. Although wandering all year round and there are seldomly

birthday cakes and flowers, to Yun Ge these are not as important.

The family was strongly against her choice when she decided to become a truck driver. Yunge thoughtit was a good job to drive and make money. He insisted on doing it. When hobbies and hobbies becomea kind of work, they will be busy again, and will not give up because of hardships.