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The History Of Fake Reviewing Industry In China

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The History Of Fake Reviewing Industry In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade


The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

In the nothingness of the online world, how to win the trust of people?

Some people say that word of mouth, some people say that credibility, there are people who follow the footsteps of previous people. I believe for many online shopping experience, users have the experience that no matter choose any product, or choose what kind of service, users usually first look at the business’s “favorable rating” and then decide.

Better ratings = Better products?

“Not exactly! I booked a nearly perfect hotel based on its ratings, the results found completely not the same thing.” a tourist just returned from Lijiang, yun’nan told us. “I don’t get it. For such a shaky hostel, how come it get so many good feedbacks? Travel agencies don’t fake deals like retail websites do, do they?”

You guessed it. Unfortunately.

One thing he does not believe in his own life: reviews and information from online merchants. Many seemingly good products, in fact, are a large number of single-brush institutions “made” out. The face of a virtual world filled with a large number of false consumer evaluation, we can only rely on “credibility” to gain the trust of the business?

Anyway, how did this virtual “evaluation” market come into being? Perhaps, from Wenbo’s “history of employment” which we can glimpse the path.

In 2010, Wenbo hit the rise of the ecommerce. He first entered a business generation agency on behalf of the etailers, in the course of their work to understand the needs of many micro-electrical business sellers, “platform credibility can be said to be an endless loop, no credibility, no sales. No sales, no ratings and thus credibility records. While there is market demand, there will be someone to meet the market demand.”

Wenbo left the agency after a few months, and with several like-minded friends he set up a studio, and started his order faking business. By online publicity, opened less than a month they received a dozen sellers orders.

“Soon, business was so good that he began to recruit part-time eomployees.” Wen Bo told us. He paid part-time workers 0.5 to 1.5 yuan per successfully faked order, while he himself was paid 5 to 10 yuan per faked transaction from online merchants. Driven by ten times of profits, Wenbo soon set up a local brushwork team with more than 2,000 part-time members to serve the electricity supplier sellers in many provinces and cities in China.

The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

Wen Bo said that in order to make the order look more real, his fellow agencies are insisting on the process of placing orders, payment, acknowleging, and leaving feedbacks at separate time intervals, making every details just like real buyers would do. “Although this effect is good, but the cost and price of faking orders has also gone up.”

However, Wen-Po admits the “challenges” they face in recent years have become more and more serious.

“In the wake of the inclusion of a flow of order logistics into the brush ticketing mechanism, our business is getting worse.” Wen-Wen told to understand the notes that since three years ago many orders without logistical information have been The platform was rated as a single action and a corresponding penalty was imposed on the seller. “So in order to have logistics information, we had to start recommending that the seller send the logistics empty package.”

Although part of the small and medium-sized express delivery companies to reduce the cost of empty package logistics, but the rising cost of a single brush even higher than the value of the product itself. The same is “burn money”, so some electricity suppliers selling low-cost products began to pass exemption, earn praise and credit buyers.

“Suddenly business is a lot worse.” After losing some of its main customers, Wen Bo began to panic.

In order to make up for this loss, he began to look at big-name companies with great brand awareness. “Several e-commerce festivals each year require a transcript that can be advertised externally, so they need to sell the brush at a fee Usually not too careless about. ”

With a wealth of experience in single-brush, the team’s business ability has been recognized by some big brands, has become this part of the big business “Queen” faking order body. In 2014 alone, he earned nearly two million yuan in the sales of his order faking services to some brands.

The development of retail e-commerce has given many individuals the opportunity to start their own business. It also brings a lot of bonuses to underground businesses, which are benefiting from the ecosystem from fake ordering agencies to sellers, and to express delivery.

The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

After a frenzied expansion in 2015, Wen Bo’s online part-time team has grown to more than 8,000 people and located in different cities as if it were a sizeable “order factory”. Though having built his reputation in the industry, he began to worry about another problem.

“We all know that there are not many barriers to getting a single profit, nor is there a threshold, that is, human-sea tactics. Therefore, many new teams were born and started to grab business this year.” He believes that there is no technical barrier to brushing orders. Gradually there is competition. Because there is a large number of optional faking order team, so the wave of big customers that there was a “falling out of favor” trend, “Some customers began to require teams to pay a single brush before they are willing to cooperate.”

A few million Yuan is not a big amount of money to Wenbo. Out of his understanding of risks, he decided not to take a few contracts with some major clients. Instead he began to look for new opportunities for the team.

When having dinner in a newly opened restaurant, the shop owner treated him a snack, asking his favor for a positive feedback in a restaurant review app. Customers’ evaluation is very important for the restaurant. Wenbo found there’s much opportunities here.

“The operation is simple, so cheaper.For restaurants, brush 500 with a map praise as long as 1000 ~ 1500 yuan, businesses provide a large number of pictures, part-time staff to organize their own text, compared to the consumer through the snacks to lower the cost of comment, And fast results. “Plus Comments account from all over the country, but also makes the restaurant gives a kind of” come here “taste the delicious taste of both.

In fact, this popular business is not a major contributor to Wen Bo. He told to understand notes, as a class of service e-commerce platform, online travel platform popular in these two years, many users are already accustomed to travel through the online travel platform check before booking hotels, and even ordered the corresponding travel packages . Therefore, the credibility of the hotel and travel agencies is also very important.

“All travel reviews and hotel reviews are brushed, as long as they work with the merchant.” He disclosed that in order to attract more user traffic, and in order to increase commissions, many online travel platforms are also judicious for merchants Open one eye and close one eye. Sometimes dozens of single-day continuous brush praise, the platform will not ask one.

In response to the previous experience of tourists in Lijiang, Wenbo said: “There are a large number of high-star hotels in some tourism platforms that are so brushed, so it is not surprising that they are actually not in the right place.”

Relative to the dining and entertainment spending, hotels, travel packages are high value, so the cost of its out of the brush is also relatively impressive. Wen Bo said that if the hotel or travel agency to bring a large number of travel orders, they will even be given a certain bonus commission, “As for the follow-up by the brush part of the user generated negative feedback, we will also be part of the internal platform to operate (Delete), as long as the customer money. ”

The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

From social to entertainment, fake dealers are literally making stars

The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

“By the beginning of last year, our country (part-time personnel) has already exceeded 30,000 people and the development is still very fast.” Once a small team of only a few people gradually became a large “single-brush unit “. However, for the time of Wen Bo, the status quo is not very satisfied, “the number is very large, have a large number of platform account at hand, in fact, can do more things.”

After the Spring Festival in 2016, he decided to jump out of the e-commerce space and try to find a point in the growing social field. Although heard in a strange circle already heard, but the new business should gradually try. In a friend’s bridging act, he opened a large part-time resources to help some businesses in the Weibo and WeChat brush the amount of hair, do promotion, and received good feedback.

“Because of the quality of the brush is also OK, but also the actual promotion of conversion, so played a little fame on social media.” Wen Bo told understand understand notes, through the WeChat microblogging attracted many customers to promote him and brush a lot.

But most surprising to him, before May 1, a small well-known acting brokerage firm got. “The same amount of brush needs, but the difference is that they want to brush is the star’s influence.”

For brokerage firms, the size and popularity of their celebrities directly determine the cost of their own commercial speech or endorsement. In order for celebrities, especially emerging celebrities, to gather a large amount of popularity in a short period of time, they need to plan the explosion point with their planning agencies, and brush a large amount of “presence” on celebrities using such a single mechanism as WenBo.

“Because never concerned about showbiz, do not know so much red, stars have to brush volume, no matter today and who is the problem, who and what group CP, are the tricks of the brokerage firm and planning agencies.” He said, When an explosive topic emerges, the brokerage firm asks them to launch a large number of part-time contacts to speculate on celebrity topics on Weibo and WeChat. “Because I have a lot of people, I can basically put a topic on top of an hour On the microblogging hot search list. ”

Wen Bo disclosed that if you look at the microblogging, found some unknown star’s birthday topic is the top microblogging hot search list, perhaps from their promotion. Even some of the contradictions between fans, are also provoked by their demand, in order to create a topic for the star and attention.

The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

Of course, perhaps a star at the airport to make a phone call, carrying a new package, the fans occasionally hit onlookers photos may be on the hot search, but sorry, so many fans every day at the airport occasional stars, where come More fans care about beans today changed a new skirt?

For celebrities who are concerned about the rapid rise in popularity, the hotter they are, the sooner they can gain endorsement opportunities or advertisers’ favor; the more influence the brokers and celebrities earn. Naturally given “Wen Bo” who pay a lot.

“This way of speculation, far more than (brokerage firm) in the social platform to invest much more cost-effective. We do a single basically there are hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of entries.” Wenbo said these speculation is not uncommon, Social media, the so-called true and false are difficult to detect ordinary users, the only thing that can be done is the subject of hot nose.

When a rising star slowly rises, many fans are flocking to the water front to buy their products. Among these, advertisers benefit, broker companies benefit, the star itself to benefit, provide a large number of navy’s “Wen Bo” who also followed to benefit. Who will pay for it? I am afraid that many fans and consumer groups, and this may be the only “victim” in the chain of influence.

Perhaps they are not …

To see their love beans are more people love to spend money to buy their own beans endorsement products, fans of psychological satisfaction is also a “benefit”!

The History Of Faking Order In China: From E-commerce, O2O To Socialize Entertainment Masquerade

No matter retail retailers, service providers or even social networks that users come into contact with on a daily basis, a “zero sum game” is staged daily.

Through the exchange with the text, understand the notes to tap some of the “dry goods” and readers to share. Encounter a large number of acclaimed sellers or businesses, to carefully review the evaluation records, more than the sun on a single picture, if you find a large number of similar shooting picture appears, then the basic can be concluded that there is a single brush. If possible, may wish to search the same business from multiple platforms, by comparing the evaluation content, you can determine the authenticity of its reputation.

For the platform and regulators, perhaps only the introduction of more stringent management tools and penalties in order to make the “brush list” difficult to survive, or “cost” unacceptable. Only in this way can the user also be a purely real online world.

At the end of the exchange, Wen Bo said: “Although online shopping is convenient, I have never purchased a product on the e-commerce platform in the past five years.”