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Your shopping cart betrayed you

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Observe what a person has and you know almost everything about him.

Now, today (11.11), in this fast-moving consumer age, there is nothing more than a shopping cart to represent one’s heart.

Items in the shopping cart showcase one’s life, beauty, taste, and possibly the secrets they can not tell. Circle of friends can be disguised, the cart can not lie.

You’re What You Buy.

A big shopping carnival is underway, assuming that if you can see the shopping carts for these …


Kr Lab Planning

@ Choi, 35, director of state-owned enterprises

Mr. Cui did not think that the wind has changed so fast. A few years ago, a little bit of capital and experience of the uncle, or the ideal girl in the eyes of the ideal, now die, no one likes uncle, too angry they too “greasy.”

“No way!”

Your shopping cart betrayed you

@ Li Xizhe, 27 years old, Zhongguancun programmer

From graduation to the present, Li Xizhe wrote a 5-year code and was single for 5 years. For him, everything went smoothly this year, just bought a house settled in Beijing, also served as technical director. In addition to looking for an object this matter has no eyebrows – conditions are good, can not afford to climb high; to see him, he did not look down upon.

He read the news that someone in Japan was married to anime characters, and he wanted to do the same.

Your shopping cart betrayed you

Kr Lab: Tell you a secret –

Double eleven, there is no discount for a plane cup shop

@ Jiang Liwei Leo, 29 years old, a foreign male public relations

Leo’s company in Sanyuanqiao, everything is very international. Especially in recent years the rise of fitness trend, grazing, long-distance running, personal training … … Leo, like colleagues, joined the fitness army. But back ground, only he knows, either can not stop mouth, is too lazy to move.

As we see the gap with people around us growing bigger and bigger, Leo is determined to be a fitter and bet that eight packs of abdominal muscles will be practiced in a month and time passes by. Leo’s results ?

Your shopping cart betrayed you

Kr Lab: You really think,

Only girls wear underwear (padded silicone)?

MC Tian Tao is a male anchor on a live broadcast platform. Of course, his sideline is a sophomore student. Many students around him play live broadcasts, shout wheat, and shout well without mixing badly.

In fact, he points out the difference between Mai and Hei-fei, but he feels black-browned even after the show “Hip-Hop” is red. Before the dark fear not so fire, not so much selling tide brand, the program after the fire, the choice of more.

Your shopping cart betrayed you

Kr Lab: Black Cannon Little Youth Guide to Error – Wu Yifan Same paragraph

@ Sherry, 21, North American Study Abroad Party

Tomato scrambled egg brush screen, quickly reversed, accused students everywhere, do not know forgive parents, do not understand Baidu. Sherry admitted that it was indeed easy to overlook jet lag shortly after arriving abroad, so her room had two clocks, one American time and one Chinese time.

Not surprisingly few international students like Sherry, who study abroad alone, are at least better able than some of their peers in the country, such as cooking. There is another sentence how to say?

“Reading a few years abroad is equivalent to going to New Oriental (Chef School).”

Your shopping cart betrayed you

Kr Lab: wrong order of tomatoes and eggs,

Severe than the location of the cheeseburger in the heart of the burger

@ Tian Xiao Zhou, 25 years old, deer X fans before the president

In addition to work, Tian Xiaoxu dry up the most daily thing is to brush microblogging, brokers, entertainment she has resources, but sometimes still can not get a hand message.

“Hi everyone, this is my girlfriend.” When I saw this weibo, Tian Xiaoshou did not start the same question as other fans. She heard the news a month ago, However, she still held back the pain of the piece of microblogging, and decided to give up powder.

“Small meat every year, not bad this one woman, to yourself better.”

Your shopping cart betrayed you

Andy Wong, 24, ITC White-collar

Andy Wong, like every ITC white-collar, has an irrefutable heart in his heart: 5,000 in monthly income and 50,000 in life.

With a treasure, it’s all about.

Your shopping cart betrayed you

Kr Lab: The original single, cut the label, engraved … is their last stubborn

Zhang Qiuqiu, a 22-year-old new media operator just graduated

Qiuqiu graduated this year, with a passion for the text, she stepped into the legendary outlet career – new media.

However, less than six months in practice, the fast-paced new media has made Qiuqiu felt a bit overcharged. Overtime, staying up late, hair loss and occasional “XX sudden death” news broke out from autumn to autumn fear.

There is a saying on the internet that “new media practitioners were originally a group of artists who were not good enough to qualify as share-holders because of their low academic qualifications,” but said she does not matter if she does not become an artist because she only wants 10w +.